marcia and I in her front yard

by Elsie on May 4, 2006

marcia and I in her front yard

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Some of you know about Marcia. She was my first client. We've known each other now for, gosh, almost 5 yrs. She's the one that knits me scarves, the newest one that she's knitted for me is the coolest scarf ever! In her words "funky." She really is a great inspiration to me, always. We are currently not really doing, asana together, meaning the yoga poses, our yoga is to be together, to share together, and to play and this wonderful game of creating meaning everyday. She has decided that she wants to loose weight and get in better shape, so we got to the gym, once a week, usually on Wed. to get on the elliptical trainer and do some stretches. She is the cutest!

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