Episode 53: Find Ground and Flow Level 2 1hr Yoga Class

by Elsie on September 24, 2007

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The Sequence:


Uttanasana/Ardha Uttanasana x 2

Half Sun Salutations x 3

Surya Namaskar x 5

Vira I/Vira I bowing forward with arms behind the back/Vira I x 3

warrior IParsvakonasana with arms interlaced behind the backwarrior I

Parsvakonasana/Vira II x 3

Parsvakonasanawarrior II

Deep Hip Stretch

Head Behind the Knee front viewDeep Lunge with Head behind the knee back view

Crescent Pose/Pavrita Parsvakonasana

crescent posePavrita Parsvakonasana

Triangle Pose/Ardha Chandrasana/Hip Squared/Lunge Twist

trikonasanaardha chandrasanalunge twist backbend 2lunge twist backbend

Plank on the tops of the feet/Cobra

chattarunga dandasana on tops of the feet



Uttanasana with arms behind the back


Pigeon Prep

Ardha Bhekasana

Ardha Bhekasana

Lunge with thigh stretch

Lunge with thigh stretch

Child’s Pose

child’s pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana x 3

urdhva dhanurasana

Supine Twist

Happy Baby

happy baby sidehappy baby angle


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