Ep 90: Filling Your Gas Tank, A Level 2 90 Minute Yoga Class

by Elsie on May 16, 2011

Toddler and Mama waiting for the Bus

The theme for this class was inspired by one of my friends Hillary Rubin. She has this amazing post plus video, asking questions that needed to be asked at that moment….hmmmmm. Or at least I needed to ask these questions 😉

Download the MP3

It was all about RUNNING OUT OF GAS! Well, at least for me it was about running out of gas. It made me think about the various ways that we deal with running out of gas:

  1. We make sure to make time to consistently fill up the gas tank at a specific time of the week/month to make sure we always have a full gas tank.
  2. We play it by ear. We know relatively when we are ‘really’ gonna run out of gas and choose to milk it for all it’s worth and PRAY we don’t run out of gas before we barely make it to the gas station.
  3. We recognize we are running out of gas but circumstances around us at the time (we got lost and are now in a looooong stretch or road without a gas station in site) don’t let us fill up the gas tank. We are going to run out of gas.

I fit into number 3.

Before becoming a Mama, I fluctuated between 1 & 2. I was conscious of my choices and continued to do my best to not run out of gas. I was close a bunch of times, but managed to get my fuel on time 😉 After being a Mama I have found myself without a gas station in sight quite a few times. That is a whole other ball game.

side note- y’all know I’m not referring to actual gas or driving right? this is all a gigantuan metaphor 😉

No Gas In Sight? It’s Gonna Be OK.

When I first found myself without a gas station in sight I panicked. I honestly thought it was the end of the world. I had a total and complete meltdown. I felt so alone. As I sat in my despair I did recognize that I needed to let someone know, I wasn’t alone you know, I had my toddler with me. I reached out: God, my beloved, my friends, my teachers and most importantly myself.

I let myself soften. It opened my eyes to see that it really wasn’t the end of the world. People run out of gas all the time. It’s what we do about it that matters 🙂

I still run out of gas…and I’m ok. I always have an extra tank of gas with me. I always let my family and friends know where I am, in case I need an unexpected pick-up 😉 And most importantly, I absolutely make sure that I enjoy the time while I wait for the gas to once again be filled up.

Let me know if your thoughts about this class 🙂 I always love to hear from you….ESPECIALLY if you’re running out of gas 😀

The 90 Minute Yoga Class Sequence

Download MP3 of Yoga Class

Downward Facing Dog


Straight Legged Lunge

straight legged lunge

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Straight Legged Lunge

straight legged lunge



chattarunga dandasana

Downward Facing Dog

Uttanasana/ Ardha Uttanasana

uttanasanaardha uttanasana


Half sunsalutes x 2



chattarunga dandasana

Cobra on fingertips

cobra on fingertips

Downward Facing Dog

Sun salutation

tadasanaurdhva hastasanauttanasana ardha uttanasana plank pose chattarunga dandasana cobradownward facing doguttanasana ardha uttanasanaurdhva hastasanatadasana




chattarunga dandasanacobra

Warrior II

warrior II


chattarunga dandasanacobra

Parsvotanasana with back heel lifted/Lunge/Lunge Twist

parsvottanasana variationstraight legged lungelunge twist backbend 2lunge twist backbend

Vinyasa to tadasana

Hand alignment VIDEO
Shoulder Alignment VIDEO
Vashistasana prep in tadasana

Surya namaskar

tadasanaurdhva hastasanauttanasana ardha uttanasana plank pose chattarunga dandasana cobradownward facing doguttanasana ardha uttanasanaurdhva hastasanatadasana


vashistasana prepvashistasana

Downward Facing Dog


Uttanasana w arms behind the back


Pigeon Prep

Monkey lunge

Monkey Lunge

Lunge with Thigh stretch

Lunge with thigh stretch

Childs pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 2 min

setubandha stage 1setubandha robot armssetubandha
urdhva dhanurasana

Easy Supine twist

Knees to chest


Sukhasana twist


Supine alternate nostril breathing

Long sweet Savasana

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Laurel May 23, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Wonderfully renewing practice! Thanks so much for providing these classes, Elsie. I love them!


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