I’m The Yoga Teacher of The Season! And Some Winter Thoughts

by Elsie on January 4, 2012

Hunter Rose in the snow at three years old

Winter was magical to me.

All the white.
The warm and cozy clothes.
The hot drinks…mmmmmmm
♥ Cuddles ♥

It was SO nice to visit…

And then I lived in it.

Winter has taken me to my breaking point.

It has forced me to stay inside, to let go of comfort, to settle into the darkness and to find my own sunshine.

I’m putting that poetically, but seriously, it was HARD!

I think anyone doing any serious spiritual work should come to Pittsburgh from December to April, especially folks that happen to live in places that are blessed with abundant sunshine all year round. I lived and breathed sunshine for all of my life. I had no idea what no sunshine would do to me.

I found out pretty darn fast how addicted I was to the power of the sun.

Why am I telling you this?


I’m The Yoga Teacher of the Winter Season!

It’s SO ironic 🙂

Although I can’t say that I am a Winter lover, I can say that I have started a pretty important relationship with this season. In fact Winter was the catalyst for finally dealing, facing and living Truth in relationship, both with myself and with those around me.

Without Winter, I don’t think that I could have built the stamina necessary to nurture and mother my girls consistently. There’s something to going to your edge… 😀

Being asked by the mighty Courtney Pearce to be Yoga Teacher of the Winter season on her Yoga G33k blog was the true beginning of my introspection towards my 40th birthday. As I sat and wrote about myself, it showed me how much I had changed since the last time I wrote a long biography sort of thing.

Here’s a little excerpt:

I pursued my love of inhabiting the non-conventional, quirky and disenfranchised by studying theater in college and grad school, finally earning an MFA in Fine Arts. The thing is that living in an imaginary world can only work for so long…until in doesn’t.

I had no concept of my own power, let alone of my own voice.

Magic as with everything else changes and grows. It becomes more refined and mature. I wasn’t aware of this and didn’t have the skills to deepen my understanding to do anything about it. It was because of this that I made a lot of choices in my mid 20s to my mid 30s that in no way reflected the fullness of who I was.

Go check out the rest of the article! I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

The whole point of this Teacher of the Season business is that you practice with me and ask questions…Winter questions would be *um* a great way to bring even more irony to this whole thing 🙂

Stay warm inside and out! (those of you in the Northern Hemisphere)

❅ Love ❅


PS. It’s 35 days till 40

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