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Artfully Planting Seeds – Your Ground

by Elsie on May 11, 2013

I remember taking at least 3 yoga classes a week with some of the most qualified and masterful instructors. I remember thinking nothing of buying an unlimited yearly class pass at my favorite yoga studio for over 1k. I remember immersing myself in Yoga Journal plus all the countless yoga books that kept on growing […]


Clear. Emerging. Creating.

by Elsie on May 7, 2013

I am overwhelmed. HUGELY so. Not the kind of overwhelm that you might think…like too much going on, too much stress, not enough time, trying to dig myself out, but one that is all about… CLEAR ACTION Who knew you could get that? 😉 There have been a series of shifts in my life since […]


How do you feel right now? When you stop moving, and finally settle, even if for a moment? I want you to focus on the sensations in your body. How does your body feel when you open up to your exhale? Tired. Hungry. Achy. Delighted. Settled. Anxious. Resistant. Yummy. Scared. Ungrounded. Cold. Hot. Happy. Be […]


How A Hotel Sparked My Yoga Sadhana

by Elsie on April 27, 2013

The impetus for this major transition that I’m going through began on Election Day 2012. The Daddy of the house gifted us a surprise stay at a local hotel. This was the first time that our little family was going to stay at a hotel together! It was completely magical. Giant soft yet firms beds. […]


Download the 30 minute yoga class moxie: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. Oh what a story do I have to tell in this episode! At least you know what’s it’s going to be all about looking at the image for this post. That image was taken very soon after I walked […]


Surviving Terror – A Personal Story

by Elsie on April 20, 2013

Indomitable: Incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished; unconquerable. From my childhood… I remember fear above any other emotion, although its just now that I recognize it as fear. I remember the way fear and anxiety felt in every part of my being. I also remember terror and fearing for my life, even at the […]


Amazing Yoga Class in Pittsburgh To Benefit Michael Earl! WHERE: BYS Studio in the Southside WHEN: December 7 at 6:30 pm I work for myself. Yes, in full disclosure I do work substantially for an amazing new media company that has been beyond supportive on a part time basis. The other half of my income […]