EYK 2: Financial Anxiety Meditation and an Update

by Elsie on August 3, 2009

There is Enough...In The Park

There is Enough...In The Park

The Yoga of Everyday Life and Podcasting!

I honestly have tried to post and episode for almost a month. Every day I think about it. Every day I decide THIS is the day to get it all done. Every day the day ends, I’m exhausted and focusing on editing, writing, encoding and uploading is the last thing that my brain is capable of doing 🙁

3 years ago I began to publish this podcast. 3 years ago Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged Podcasts came to life! So much has changed, and so much has stayed the same 🙂

A few things that have stayed the same:

  • My love for podcasting
  • My love for yoga
  • My love for service
  • My love for you guys!
  • My love for legwarmers

Although I am no longer the care free legwarmer wearing bicycling full time yoga teacher from Los Angeles and have morphed into the occasional legwarmer wearing full time Mommy/Wife part-part time yoga teacher from Pittsburgh the deepest part of my heart still wants to continue this podcast, PLUS add better content to all those of you who would like it. I may not be consistent. I may say things that I want to happen only to have my life block me in some way, but I never forget what I’ve said. I’m still with you and plan to be with you for as long as you will have me! 😀

This is Episode 2 of Elsie’s Yoga Kula.

I share a bit of an update and invite you to participate in a small mediation that helps us all that are dealing with financial challenge/stress. I know that finances are tight for a lot of people. I also know how economic matters may prove to be huge causes of stress, anxiety, fear, and even health problems. The short meditation in this podcast episode is just a simple way to reconnect with the abundance that we DO have, something we often forget. I tell you this from personal experience. I share this meditation with you because I know that I do this little meditation almost daily because it helps me to stay grounded, and I definitely need to keep my connection to the bigger Source. I share with you because it’s a great way to connect with one another so that we may through our thoughts create support for each other in these financially challenging times.

Download MP3 of Meditation
(it’s really a short one! Less than 20 min!)

Oh yea!!!! I have a FACEBOOK GROUP!!!! Come join the rest of the virtual kula 🙂

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Rebecca Rosen September 22, 2009 at 2:32 am

Thank you Elsie, the meditation on abundance was just what I needed. May we all be blessed with courage & patience to see what is more than enough. Namaste!


Kelly April 26, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Hi Elsie! I’ve been lurking for a while, but have never posted. This I feel like I NEED to share though, so hopefully it won’t end up too long. 🙂

This meditation is what I really needed yesterday. My husband and I have been nervous because we’re going to Spain this summer for my PhD research, and have been forced to use a credit card in order to make it work…well, I was pretty down because I’ve gotten a string of rejection letters for research grants, and been wondering why I’m doing what I love when nobody seems to have faith in me (silly insecurity!). After work I decided to practice even though I was grumpy; when I was hunting for a class, I came across this meditation, and it reminded me that no matter what, I have support and everything will be okay. After that I followed one of the beginner classes and felt a lot of the worry slip from my mind…then I checked my email and completely freaked out, because I had been notified of an award my dissertation adviser nominated me for, and it’s going to cover the WHOLE trip, including my husband who is going for company and as my map-reader. 😉 Talk about Divine intervention! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for posting things like this. It’s a good reminder that all of us go through the same stuff, and that we’re not alone.


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